Introducing bindIT – A Berkley Insurance Australia innovation

Riding high on our victory of winning the Insurer of the Year 2021 award at the recent Insurance Business Brokers on Insurers Awards and NIBA Insurer of the Year, Berkley Insurance Australia has another delightful announcement to make.

Today we unveil the new bindIT portal for our IT Liability product. This is a ground-breaking insurance innovation that is exclusive to Berkley Insurance Australia. BindIT simplifies and accelerates the whole process of applying for a quote and binding a policy.

“We want our brokers to have the option to transact with us online, when it suits them, and be able to quote and bind a policy in just a few minutes. That’s exactly what we’re offering with our bindIT broker portal” said the Chief Executive Officer of Berkley Insurance Australia, Mr Tony Wheatley.

Widely esteemed within the Insurance Industry for our fast referral times, Berkley Insurance Australia has gone one step further with this latest cutting-edge, technological advancement. 

The only online insurance portal of its kind in Australia, bindIT is unique in that it features a secure link that allows clients to enter their own details and send them to the Broker for review. If the broker is happy with the information it can be submitted to bindIT at the click of a button. By having the client enter the information themselves, there is less room for error and no double entry.

Our passion for exceeding our Broker’s and Client’s expectations through the development of new technological systems that maximise efficiency and improve the user’s experience, is what we are renowned for at Berkley Insurance Australia.

bindIT came about as a response to the slow and outdated manual approach that Brokers have always taken to get a quote on behalf of their clients. Our Brokers can breathe a collective sigh of relief that they no longer have to spend their valuable time rummaging through towering piles of old policy documents and phoning Underwriters just to get a simple quote.

In 30 seconds, Brokers can obtain a tentative “Quick Quote” which they can advise their client of either in person or on the phone. If they wish to proceed, then the full process of getting a quote, downloading documents and binding to the policy takes less than a few minutes. Through this portal, the Broker can choose up to three different policy options for their clients that are customisable.

What’s so special about bindIT?

bindIT is an automated, digital platform that can be accessed twenty-four hours per day, seven days per week. The dashboard configuration has been designed to meet the individual needs and preferences of the client, and from there, the Broker can handle each of the client’s transactions.

Giving Brokers the opportunity to arrange their client’s quote options as to their own liking, they also have the additional benefit of being able to adjust the commission or fee they will charge for their services.

A key feature of bindIT is the back up support that remains with your local and trusted BIA underwriter. If you have a question or need a referral, you still talk to the same BIA underwriter you have always dealt with. The feedback we receive is that brokers love the flexibility bindIT provides but they still want to deal with their local underwriter and we have delivered bindIT with that key feature in mind.

Binding documents to a policy is now an easy and joyful process that takes less than a few minutes to complete.

Check out bindIT for yourself

Simply put, bindIT just provides a more modern and convenient alternative to applying for a quote and binding documents to a policy. It certainly does not replace the customary process that Brokers are well familiar with. bindIT is simply another avenue that we encourage Brokers to explore.

“Using bindIT doesn’t require you to make any big changes. You can try out creating quotes online, while continuing to deal with us in the more traditional way. We’ve started with IT Liability insurance, and we’re going to be adding more and more of our products to bindIT in the coming months” added Mr Wheatley.

That being said, why not click HERE and explore the wonders of bindIT today?

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Important Notice

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