Design and Construction Insurance

Design and Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection from financial loss for the conduct of professionals in the building industry who perform a combination of physical construction or installation and design.

A large proportion of contracts for construction require design and construct entities to maintain their own PI insurance policies. More importantly, customers are becoming increasingly aware of their rights to pursue construction entities where they believe those entities are responsible for a loss they have suffered in relation to poor or inadequate design.

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Civil Liability in the provision of your Professional Services

Faulty designs, inaccurate advice

Breaches of consumer legislation

Breaches of intellectual property rights*
Contractual Liability
Fraudulent & dishonest acts

Mitigation Costs

Loss of or damage to documents

Defence Costs

Inquiry Costs

*We only provide coverage for unintentional breaches of intellectual property rights.

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  • Builders & Construction
  • Interior fit-out & renovation
  • Heating & Ventilation
  • Electrical contractors
  • Landscape contractors
  • Manufacturers (limited)

Appetite list is not exhaustive, if it’s not on our decline list we can still have a look at it for you


Professionals Involved in:

  • Dams
  • piers,
  • wharfs
  • jetties
  • desalination plants
  • mining
  • silos
  • boiler and pressure vessels
  • cranes
  • railways
  • tunneling
  • bridges, or commercial sewerage works


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Claims Example

The insured was contracted to provide a natural grey concrete floor in a residential dwelling.  When the floor was inspected the Insured’s customer advised the finish did not meet their expectations and believed the finish would have a negative effect on the current and resale value of the house.  The customer sought compensation from the Insured for their perceived financial loss.    The insured advised BIA they agreed with their customer and the floor finish did not comply with their expectations.  The difficulty, in this case, was the floors weren’t revealed until most of the house was completed (and couldn’t be replaced).  BIA worked closely with the Insured and their customer to achieve an agreed settlement.

This claim provides a great example of the difference between a construction professional’s (engineers/architects/project manager) professional indemnity insurance policy and design & construct professional indemnity insurance policy.  This type of claim would not be covered under a standard construction professional’s professional indemnity insurance policy which generally excludes claims relating to the sale, manufacture, installation, construction, alteration, repair, servicing or treating of any goods.  The claim would also not be covered under a public and products liability policy as there has been no bodily injury or property damage.

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Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance will protect Directors and Officers as well as the Company against a Wrongful Act committed in the management of the Company.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for your business against a claim made by a client alleging they have suffered a financial loss as a result of your negligence or a breach of professional duty from services provided by your business.

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Public & Products Liability Insurance

Public and product liability insurance protects businesses from paying compensation to a third party in the event of personal accidents, injury or property damage resulting from any business activity and manufactured or supplied product.

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