IT Liability Insurance

Information Technology Liability Insurance is a combined policy specifically created for Information Technology professionals and contractors. The policy is a combined Professional Indemnity and Public & Products Liability Policy which was created to avoid gaps in coverage that can arise if policies are placed separately.

The gaps in coverage can arise as a result of the diverse range of activities provided by IT professionals or contractors.

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Professional Indemnity


Public & Products Liability


Civil Liability arising from provision of IT Services and IT Products

Faulty designs, inaccurate advice
Misleading & deceptive conduct*
Breaches of intellectual property rights*
Contractual Liability
Fraudulent & dishonest acts

Injury caused by you or one of your employee’s negligence

Loss of documents and data
Fines & penalties

Slips & falls on your premises

Damage to a third party’s property

Product Recall expense

Up to $50M Public & Products Liability
cover available on request

*We only provide coverage for unintentional misleading & deceptive conduct, breaches of intellectual property rights and defamation.

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  • SME IT providers with turnovers up to $100M (can consider higher turnovers)
  • IT Consultants
  • Software Developers

  • IT Help Desk / Support Services

  • IT Recruitment and Placement Services

  • Systems Integration Services

  • Value Added Resellers

  • Website Designers/Developers

  • Online Graphic Designers

  • Hosting Services

  • Data Processing/Storage/Warehousing

  • Blue collar installation works

  • CCTV and Security systems supply and installation

  • IT hardware manufacturers

  • IT hardware and software resellers

  • Application developers

  • Clients involved in SCADA/PLC work
  • Tier 1 or 2 Internet Service Provider
  • Stock Trading or Funds transfer System
  • Gambling Systems


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Claims Examples

Important Notice
These are examples only. You should read them only as a guide. They do not form part of any policy. Every claim is different. We always determine indemnity decisions and claim payments on an individual basis, after we have assessed the claim. Information provided is general only and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. Insurance cover and whether a policy responds to a claim is subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of the policy. When making a decision to buy or continue to hold a financial product, you should review the relevant policy wording and any applicable endorsements.

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IT Liability - It's broader than you think

Frequently Asked Questions about IT Liability Insurance

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Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance will protect Directors and Officers as well as the Company against a Wrongful Act committed in the management of the Company.

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Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for your business against a claim made by a client alleging they have suffered a financial loss as a result of your negligence or a breach of professional duty from services provided by your business.

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Public & Products Liability Insurance

Public and product liability insurance protects businesses from paying compensation to a third party in the event of personal accidents, injury or property damage resulting from any business activity and manufactured or supplied product.

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