Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for your business against a claim made by a client alleging they have suffered a financial loss as a result of your negligence or a breach of professional duty from services provided by your business.

We provide Professional Indemnity insurance to companies of all sizes from one person consultancies up to and including Australia’s largest companies. In terms of Professional Indemnity, we insure a range of professionals including management consultants, insurance brokers, engineers, accountants, architects, recruitment consultants, underwriting agencies, real estate agents, excess layer lawyers, and many more.


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Errors or omissions in the provision of your Professional Services
Faulty designs, inaccurate advice
Misleading & deceptive conduct*
Breaches of intellectual property rights*
Contractual Liability
Fraudulent & dishonest acts
Loss of or damage to documents
Fines & penalties

*We only provide coverage for unintentional misleading & deceptive conduct, breaches of intellectual property rights and defamation.

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  • Accountants
  • Advertising Agents
  • Agricultural Consultants
  • Archaeologists
  • Architects
  • Associations (tailored Associations Liability wording)
  • Cartographe
  • Computer Consultants (IT Consultants) - (tailored IT policy wording)
  • Consultant
  • Consulting Engineers (excluding building inspectors/surveyors)
  • Design and Construct (annual only)
  • Draftsperson
  • Economists (excluding FI associated risk)
  • Education Consultant
  • Energy Efficiency Consultants
  • Environmental Consultants
  • Finance/Mortgage Brokers
  • Funeral Director
  • Graphic Designers
  • Human Resource Consultants
  • Insurance Brokers (our wording RG126 complaint)
  • Interior Designers
  • Loss Adjusters/Assessors
  • Lawyers (excess of loss only)
  • Management Consultants
  • Manufacturing Risks
  • Medical Malpractice Risks (tailored Medical Malpractice wording)
  • Miscellaneous
  • OH&S Consultants
  • Project/Construction Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Real Estate Agents (excluding Valuers)
  • Tax Agent
  • Town Planners
  • Travel Agents
  • Underwriting Agencies
  • PLUS anything not on the decline list
  • Property Valuers
  • Geotechnical engineers
  • Building certifiers, surveyors and inspectors (including pre purchase)
  • Stockbrokers
  • Investment managers
  • Marine engineers or surveyors
  • Financial Institutions

Product Information Sheets

Professional Indemnity Insurance Fact Sheet

Policy Wordings

Professional Indemnity Insurance Miscellaneous Professions - Policy Wording 2021

Combined - Professional Indemnity & Public & Products Liability - Policy Wording

Accountants Professional Indemnity Insurance - Policy Wording

Insurance Brokers Professional Indemnity - Policy Wording

Mortgage & Finance Brokers Professional Indemnity - Policy Wording 

Real Estate Professional Indemnity - Policy Wording

Solicitor's Excess Lawyer Professional Indemnity-Policy Wording

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Construction Professionals - Policy Wording

Resolution Institute Combined - Professional Indemnity, Public and Products Liability - Policy Wording


Accountants Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addendum 

Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addendum

Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addendum

Insurance Intermediary Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addendum

Mortgage & Finance Brokers Professional Indemnity- Addendum

Real Estate Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addendum

Recruitment Professional Indemnity Insurance - Addendum

Proposal Forms

Accountants Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Beauty Therapists Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Mortgage & Finance Brokers Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Real Estate Agents & Business Brokers Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Recruitment Consultants Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Legal Practitioner and Solicitor Excess Professional Indemnity Insurance - Proposal Form

Renewal Declaration

Accountants PI Insurance - Renewal Declaration

Architects Professional Indemnity Insurance - Renewal Declaration

Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance - Renewal Declaration

Insurance Intermediary Professional Indemnity - Renewal Declaration

Professional Indemnity Insurance - Renewal Declaration

Mortgage & Finance Brokers Insurance - Renewal Declaration

Real Estate Agents & Business Brokers Insurance - Renewal Declaration

Renewal Declaration PI Recruitment Consultants 2023


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Claims Examples

Important Notice
These are examples only. You should read them only as a guide. They do not form part of any policy. Every claim is different. We always determine indemnity decisions and claim payments on an individual basis, after we have assessed the claim. Information provided is general only and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. Insurance cover and whether a policy responds to a claim is subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of the policy. When making a decision to buy or continue to hold a financial product, you should review the relevant policy wording and any applicable endorsements.

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Management Liability Insurance

Management Liability Insurance will protect Directors and Officers as well as the Company against a Wrongful Act committed in the management of the Company.

Drawing of a building

Association Liability Insurance is a combined policy for associations and non-profit organisations. The policy provides protection to the individual office bearers and the association against wrongful acts in the management of the association.

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Public & Products Liability Insurance

Public and product liability insurance protects businesses from paying compensation to a third party in the event of personal accidents, injury or property damage resulting from any business activity and manufactured or supplied product.

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Indemnity Insurance

We have a specialised Design & Construct Professional Indemnity policy that is suitable.

No. You should ask for a write back to the exclusion that covers BI arising out of a breach of professional duty. Most PI policies issued by BIA do not contain an exclusion for claims arising from BI if that injury is a result of a breach of professional duty.

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