Working from home has become the new norm, especially in the last few weeks.

With constant technological advancements, more and more companies have adapted their current models to cater for flexible work arrangements.  This enables employees to work anywhere in the world at any time that suits their current lifestyle. That being said the demand for automation and self-service tools has dramatically increased. 

While Berkley Insurance Australia (BIA) is all about ‘people’ and ‘relationships,’ we also understand this remote trend and is changing the way we do business.  A perfect example of this is the automation of General Liability quotes on the SCTP virtual underwriter.

Kristy Teh, Senior Account Executive from Cambridge Insurance Brokers is currently in self isolation in Perth and has quickly adapted to her new environment. “Although I don’t have my dual screens, I feel like I am at my desk and have my computer set up as I would in the office.  I face timed the team in the office yesterday and I am loving it, it has worked out very well.”

This demonstrates the capabilities of our colleagues to work as per usual even in their new environments.  But what are the pain points? Some people are juggling children at home, isolation and time differences so need the flexibility to remain fully operational even outside business hours. 

Kristy says, “A lot of my friends are currently working from home as well, along with their little ones and they need that flexibility to work at different times of the day.  For them this system is ideal.”

In this fast paced world, brokers are looking for speed of service to ensure they are giving their clients different options quickly.

“Before Berkley Insurance Australia was on SVU for General Liability we did a lot of manual requests and I found that really time consuming and I don’t want to waste an underwriters time just to get another option for my clients, we are all busy and time is valuable,” says Kristy.

BIA supports the evolving needs of our brokers and wants them to be in the best position to succeed, even during these difficult times.  Having the ability to produce automated quotes for General Liability is an extension of our service standard and commitment to constantly improve capabilities.

“Berkley Insurance Australia’s underwriters have always been fantastic with turnaround times and have always been our preferred insurer.  But sometimes I am looking for that quick alternative to ensure I am getting enough options for my client.”

The BIA automated system on SVU enables fast processing on over 3000 SME occupations, generating a quote and documentation in roughly 30 seconds.

 “It Just makes your life easy, everything is there at the click of a button.  You would be crazy not to use it. I have had a 95% success rate of getting instant quotes with a small percentage having to refer,” says Kristy.

It has never been more important to be agile in the way we conduct business.  BIA remains committed to servicing local brokers with a local underwriting and claims team, who are always available to speak directly with brokers and happy to advise on any policy.