Why IT Liability Insurance will be more necessary in 2022 than ever before

A wide-ranging insurance solution for IT professionals

Information Technology (IT) professionals offer advice, install software and hardware, design software & websites, project manage, provide fault finding services, and fix technical issues that the average person has no clue how to resolve.  Exasperated clients turn to them when they feel like giving up, relying on the IT professional’s expertise to sort out their digital crises.

It goes without saying that when things go well, clients treat you like a superstar. However, when a problem cannot be corrected, or even worse, a mistake is made, all the blame in the world suddenly falls on the IT professional, who the client thinks is responsible for the problem.

Although always a highly sought-after service, IT professionals have become one of the most in-demand occupations during 2020 and 2021. They have played a crucial role in helping companies everywhere face the challenges involved in moving their businesses online during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Having the internet as a platform on which we can safely carry out our core business activities is one of the great blessings of living in the Information Age. However, all the advantages of the internet are not without their share of risks for those who work in the industry.

IT professionals have a high degree of responsibility to ensure their client’s important information is kept secure. One small mistake on their part can have disastrous consequences for a client’s business. If a client’s system is damaged or lost from the negligence of the IT professional, then they may seek to recover their loss or damage from the IT professional.

Imagine being the defendant to litigation commenced by a client who was demanding that you pay them damages for a breach in your duty of care to them. Could you afford it? Not to mention the associated legal expenses.

Without an Information Technology Liability Insurance policy in place, such litigation could be financially devastating.

Berkley Insurance Australia looks after the needs of IT professionals

IT professionals including IT Consultants, Software Developers, Website Designers, Online Graphic Designers, and IT Help Desk employees (to name just a few occupations), should consider taking out IT Liability Insurance.

Some of the Professional Indemnity risks that IT professionals need to be aware of include defamation, loss of records, or giving a client the wrong advice. These types of risks can be financially detrimental to a client’s business.

Other general risks that most business owners need insurance protection for include the risk of injuries to others and damage to property. These risks are covered by Public and Products Liability Insurance.

While both types of insurance policies are applicable to IT professionals, when offered separately they do not provide adequate cover for all of their unique needs. Therefore, IT Liability Insurance was created. This insurance combines the main elements of both Professional Indemnity and Public and Products Liability Insurance.

Berkley Insurance Australia is proud to offer a wide-ranging insurance product that protects IT professionals against existing and emerging threats.

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Information provided is general only and has been prepared without taking into account any person’s particular objectives, financial situation or needs. Cover under IT Liability Insurance is subject to terms, conditions, limits, and exclusions. When making a decision to buy or continue to hold this product, you should review the Policy Wording available here.