Berkley Insurance Australia Pledges to Support SolarBuddy

Berkley Insurance Australia (BIA), is excited to announce its support of SolarBuddy, a leading global impact organisation committed to brightening the futures of children worldwide.

Starting in 2024, BIA pledges to make a donation to SolarBuddy for every policy bound on our broker platform, bindIT. This commitment not only signifies our support to SolarBuddy’s mission to make a tangible impact on the lives of those living in extreme energy poverty, but also reflects our belief in equality of opportunity for all individuals.

Illuminating Futures, One Policy at a Time

The mission of SolarBuddy to gift millions of solar lights to children living in extreme energy poverty resonates with BIA’s vision of supporting communities. Through this commitment, we aim to contribute directly to SolarBuddy’s objectives of enhancing educational outcomes, health and well-being, and economic stability in communities affected by energy poverty.

“Aligning with SolarBuddy is a reflection of our core values,” states Tony Wheatley, Chief Executive Officer of BIA. “We are inspired by their commitment and the significant impact of their work, especially for communities affected in the cycle of energy poverty.”

SolarBuddy is a global impact organisation that exists to create awareness of and tackle the issues surrounding energy poverty by gifting innovative, sustainable solar solutions to illuminate the lives of children worldwide.

SolarBuddy is dedicated to eradicating extreme energy poverty by 2030.  For more information on our support of SolarBuddy and how you can make a difference, please visit our community page.

Join us in lighting up the futures of all children and standing in solidarity with communities globally. Together, we can make a change, one policy, one light at a time.