We are always looking for new talent to join our growing team here at Berkley Insurance Australia even in this new remote working environment.  Our onboarding process is really important to us and we work hard to ensure our new team mates feel informed, trained and welcomed to the BIA family.  Recently Veronica joined the NSW team as a business support officer working closely with our underwriting team.  She left her previous position prior to COVID-19 becoming a global pandemic and had uncertainties about starting a new role for a new company. 

“My concerns were short lived, all thanks to the continued communicative support I received from Berkley APAC’s HR team and my new manager, who assured me during these crazy times, there is no uncertainty.  They were more than looking forward to me becoming a part of the team.”

Unlike most first days, Veronica started her day in her own home.  BIA supplied all the necessary equipment via courier and set-up all the initially meetings online so Veronica was ready to start her new role in the same way it would be done in the office. 

“Everything was set up within minutes by one of the friendly IT team members who gave me a call & virtually remoted into my new work laptop via TeamViewer. I was connected to the BIA online portal, with not a single issue. Throughout my first week, I received some of the most welcoming and friendly calls from all team members across globe.  They even organised a virtual meeting so I could put names to faces.”

Even during these challenging times, supporting and nurturing our team is our number one priority.  It can be tough starting a new job for anyone especially when you cannot meet your new colleagues in person. 

Starting a new job virtually was a first for me, as well as it was a first for BIA and yet I couldn’t fault a single thing with the process. From day one, the support has been so refreshing and allowed me to feel a part of the team instantly.  I am lucky & grateful, to have been accepted & welcomed by Berkley Insurance Australia during these uncertain times.”

Veronica has now been successfully working remotely for the last 4 weeks and we look forward to meeting her in person in the near future.