Why is having insurance so important to this Adelaide based Musician?

When you’re a full-time Performance Artist like South Australian Musician, Producer and Studio Engineer Ash Gale, finding an insurance company that understands the complexities and unique risks of your industry, is one of the most important business decisions you can make.

“It’s very important if you take your business seriously. Also makes you professional to clients who know that your business is secure”, Ash told Berkley Insurance Australia.

Having always loved performing from a young age, for a period Ash made a successful part-time business out of his music hobby by playing gigs, weddings and corporate events. However, only after making the all or nothing decision to pursue his passion on a full-time basis, did Ash finally decide to seek the best type of Public Liability insurance cover for his business.

“When my business became full-time, I needed something more specific to my work. I needed something more tailored to my needs” Ash told Berkley Insurance Australia.

Playing different venues each night, many Musicians, promoters, AV crew and producers are constantly on the road.  Public Liability insurance can provide peace of mind if an accident happens when interacting with the public as part of running your business, such as a person being injured by stage equipment.  Having heard some of the nightmare stories of what had happened to others in his industry, Ash knew he would need a tailored insurance solution to give him a real sense of security.

However, exploring all the different insurance options on the market can be overwhelming for anybody. While finding cover for your vehicle or home contents generally isn’t so stressful, how do you find the right liability cover to protect your interests when you’re a Performer, somebody that earns their living by entertaining crowds of people every night?

From playing to rowdy and out-of-control audiences, to making sure that their equipment is constantly kept in perfect working order, Musicians have enough matters on their plates to worry about.

Considering the high-pressure nature of his role, Ash wanted an insurer who could respond to claims in a fast and satisfactory manner, thereby minimising any hassles and distractions.

Ash Gale with the team at the BIA Steadfast Convention Event 2022

Hitting all the high notes with Arena Underwriting

Fortunately for Ash, he worked with an experienced insurance broker who recommended cover through Arena Underwriting, a coverholder holder for Berkley Insurance Australia. The team at Arena Underwriting have a broad capacity to offer specialised insurance solutions to entertainment professionals. Therefore, it seemed only fitting that they could provide the most suitable cover for a Musician.

“Really great service and fast response to any questions or claims”, Ash said of his experiences with Arena Underwriting.

Running a successful performance business relies on a number of vital factors including natural talent, self-promotion, as well as a strong work ethic. However, you can be the most talented and dynamic Performance Artist out there.

Yet without a knack for making smart decisions, along with a willingness to dedicate time and energy to the less creative aspects of your business, you might struggle to stay afloat in the often tough and unforgiving entertainment industry.

Ash is glad to have selected his cover with Arena Underwriting and Berkley Insurance Australia, adding that it is “Definitely a huge piece of mind” for him.

Perhaps your passion isn’t standing in the spotlight, belting out beloved ballads before appreciative audiences every night. Wherever your heart leads you, Berkley Insurance Australia is here to take care of the insurance, so you can get on with living your dreams.

Important Notice

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