Suzy has been Underwriting insurance for the past 13 years focusing on Professional Indemnity, Medical Malpractice, IT Liability, Management Liability and Associations Liability.  After completing a bachelor in business Suzy began her career in the insurance industry in an admin role at QBE, her passion for problem solving and building client relationships landed her in a role as an underwriter and then she spent the following 12 years at Vero. 

Now joining our expert underwriters at Berkley Insurance Australia, Suzy has brought a wealth of experience and charisma to the team.  “As a person I am big on relationships, over the years I have developed ongoing strong relationships with brokers that I would now consider friends.” 

Suzy prides herself in attention to detail when comes to assessing risks for each business or profession and creates a tailored solution that suits her client’s needs.  Liaising with brokers directly is the BIA way and Suzy is always happy to assist and provide her expertise to variety of cases.  “I am always to open to provide advise even if their clients may not suit our product appetite.”

Suzy is a passionate sportswoman specifically enjoying Tennis.  After many years of playing tournaments with her twin sister, these days you can find her courtside during summer enjoying a competition or discussing the latest match around the water cooler.