Understanding what your client’s needs and expectations are have never been more important than now.  Many people are still opting for virtual meetings and this may hinder the information provided and lessen the opportunity for brokers to really immerse themselves in their client’s business.

The current hard market in casualty insurance has demonstrated that many clients are shopping around for premium savings.  However, they need to be wary of coverage differences provided by different insurers. With many comparison websites and automation services available many customers are blinded by the cost vs the service offering and overall coverage.

We have all faced many challenges in the last two years with various lockdowns and state restrictions impeding on the usual way brokers meet their clients and learn about their individual businesses.  This can make the process of understanding your client and their unique risks even harder.

When it comes to insurance coverage our underwriters need to understand your client’s business activity in its entirety.   We want to hear the story of your client because our goal is to provide the best terms and conditions possible.

Type of information we look for in a Proposal Form:

  • Specifics of all business activities conducted by the client
  • Qualifications and experience for Professional Indemnity cover
  • Type of business activities including services and products for Public and Products Liability
  • Previous claims, if any.  Including specifics of the matter and what risk management plan has been implemented to avoid a future occurrence
  • Any additional information you can provide is an advantage
  • Proof read and check that all information provided is clear and concise

If in doubt, please contact your local underwriter as we are always happy to assist and discuss your client’s risks.

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The information and opinions contained in this document are general in nature. You should consider what insurance is appropriate for you or seek independent insurance advice.