Berkley Insurance Australia Announces Strategic Rebrand of Facilities Department to Partner Solutions

Berkley Insurance Australia (BIA), renowned for its innovative approach to insurance solutions for broker binders and underwriting agencies, is excited to announce the rebranding of its Facilities department to Partner Solutions. This change reflects their dedication to fostering strong partnerships with coverholders and providing tailored insurance solutions to meet their evolving needs.

The decision to transition from Facilities to Partner Solutions was made to clarify BIA’s role and value proposition in the marketplace. “We wanted to be clear on who we want to be for our coverholders,” explained Paul Bleakley, National Partner Solutions Manager. “The term ‘Facilities’ often made it difficult for potential partners to find us and understand our services. Partner Solutions communicates our commitment to being a supportive and solutions-oriented partner for coverholders looking to grow and develop their portfolios.”

Over the past 12 years, BIA’s now Partner Solutions department has been instrumental in developing a wide range of bespoke insurance products, from Financial Lines and General Liability to niche offerings like Hole in One insurance and Event Cancellation coverage. “The nature of our business is to delegate underwriting authority to our business partners, tailoring our services to the unique products our partners wish to distribute,” said Bleakley, highlighting the versatility and innovation of their team.

The rebranding to Partner Solutions is more than a name change, it signifies BIA’s adaptive approach to the evolving demands of the insurance market. The insurance landscape has transformed significantly, with brokers and underwriters seeking more specialised and responsive support. “Setting up a dedicated team of specialist underwriters and support staff was a pivotal move to ensure our partners receive priority service,” Bleakley added, emphasising the improved underwriting referrals, product competitiveness, and technical development of partners.

Partner Solutions’ focus on Associations and portfolios of industry clients exemplifies BIA’s strategic approach to underwriting. “Delegated authority allows us to leverage our expertise and provide highly customised solutions,” Bleakley stated. This focus enables BIA to develop strong, long-term relationships with coverholders, offering support and coverages that align with specific needs.

Among the innovative products BIA has developed together with coverholders are insurance solutions for charity golf days and jewellery, showcasing  the benefits of collaboration to address niche markets and complex underwriting challenges. “We encourage our partners to innovate in their product offerings, and our role is to support their business development,” said Bleakley, highlighting BIA’s commitment to innovation and partner support.

Despite the challenges of assessing new business opportunities without adequate historical performance data, BIA remains eager to support profitable portfolios and innovate with its partners. “We are excited about the future and the opportunities to work closely with brokers and underwriting agencies to develop bespoke portfolios,” Bleakley concluded.

As Partner Solutions, BIA is poised to continue its tradition of service excellence, supporting its partners with innovative solutions and a commitment to mutual growth.

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