Financial Hardship

Berkley Insurance Australia appreciates that sometimes circumstances beyond your control can make it difficult to meet all of your financial commitments.

If you are experiencing difficulty in making payments due to us please contact us as follows:

Insurance Premiums

Please contact your broker or the organisation that arranged insurance on your behalf.

Any other payments*

Apply to us as follows:

By Email:

[email protected]

By Post:

Berkley Insurance Company
PO Box Q296
QVB NSW 1230

Please include all information that you believe is relevant to us considering your financial hardship application.

Once we have received your application we will consider your circumstances and respond to you.

* Financial Hardship applications will only be considered if you are an individual insured or a third party beneficiary under a retail policy we have issued or you are an individual we are seeking to recover money from because we believe you caused damage or loss to an insured or third party under a retail policy issued by us.

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