After moving back to Australia from Canada, Bradley started his career in insurance as a brokers assistant.  He then moved into specialist motor underwriting, spending the next three years with Shannons and then Ryno.  During his time at Ryno, Brad started to develop experience in Liability and decided to take the next step and join Berkley Insurance Australia as a General Liability specialist.  “I spent some time doing liability at Ryno but then applied for the position at BIA to try my hand at general liability. As much as I love custom and modified cars, it can get very repetitive, I love my role here because I look at completely different risks every day.”

Before entering the insurance space he managed a Battery World franchise.  “I have an in depth knowledge of most things Solar or battery related”. If you have a question relating cars, batteries or solar, Brad is your guy. 

Brad’s passion for custom and modified cars takes him to interesting places and he enjoys “attending car meets and shows”.  During his downtime, Brad who is a comedy fan enjoys a good laugh watching stand-up on Netflix or you can find him riding dirt tracks up and down mountains. “I think laughter is very important so I end up watching too much stand-up comedy on Netflix. Last year I started getting into mountain biking but then half of Australia caught on fire and then COVID happened… so I’m looking forward to getting the bike dirty soon!”